How to make your stay in Carriacou more informed and pleasurable.

Carriacou is best known for its beautiful white beaches, sparkling blue waters and nearby uninhabited out islands for picnics, snorkeling, and scuba diving or just to enjoy a refreshing swim but there is so much more!

Be sure to also explore the museum, botanical gardens, boat building in Windward and other attractions including Tobago Cays ( Petite Martinique, Carriacou’s sister island is well worth a visit and is next to Petite St. Vincent Resort where you can enjoy a beachside lunch or dinner.

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TO DO: What is there to do in Carriacou?

Map of Carriacou
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Visitors come to Carriacou to enjoy the tranquil laid back country like atmosphere where the way of live has not changed much in the last 50 years. This is the place for those who want to unwind, enjoy the natural beauty and relax. If you are an explorer and enjoy visiting deserted islands, you can spend each day at a different island paradise, strolling on a deserted beach or stepping-out onto an uninhabited sandbar with the cool trade winds and  crystal clear water.

Visitors to Carriacou are usually looking for something “off of the beaten path". There are no night clubs, fast food restaurants or jet ski rentals.  In addition to world class diving and fishing, within an eight mile radius of Carriacou there are a multitude of small inhabited islands to be explored.  Suggested day trips are as follows:

Mayreau and Tobago Cays
A visit to Mayreau and the Tobago Cays should not be missed!  After dropping anchor at either Saline or Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau (the smallest inhabited Grenadines Island) take a short walk  up the hill to the tiny church. The view from the top  view of the Tobogo Cays is spectacular and worth the steep climb or taxi ride.  Mayreau has a few restaurants and bars as well as one resort. Just a 15 minute boat ride from Mayreau is the Tobago Cays Marine Park, a National Park and Wildlife Preserve owned by the government of St.Vincent. The Tobago Cays is comprised of five uninhabited Cays- Petit Reneau, Petit Bateau, Jamesby, Baradal & Petit Tabac. A must see for sailors, divers, snorkelers and fishing enthusiasts. Yachtsmen and divers from around the world gravitate to this strand of unspoiled Caribbean islands, lured by exotic sea life, rainbow-colored reefs and fascinating shipwrecks.

Petite Martinique, White Island, & Saline Island
Petite Martinique situated a short distance off Carriacou is the smallest island of the tri-island state of Grenada with a population of about 900 and only accessible by boat. While there are no real white beaches, it is known for its boatbuilding. The people of Petit Martinique share a rich cultural heritage and residents are ranked as having the highest per capita income in the entire eastern Caribbean region

White Island and neighboring Saline Island are uninhabited islands less than a one mile distance from the southern coast of Carriacou. The sand on White Island is speckled with pink flints of Lambi (Conch) shells and has one predominant rock which can be seen from far away. A favorite for many to do here is spear fishing and snorkeling. One can swim or snorkel from one island to the other.

Union Island and Palm Island
Union Island is the southernmost island of the Grenadines and is situated 50 miles southwest of Barbados and 4 miles from Carriacou. It belongs to the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Due to its volcanic silhouette, it is often refered to as the Tahiti of the West Indies. The island is approximately 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Surrounding islands are Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Palm Island, and Petit Saint Vincent.  It is situated 90 kilometers southwest of Barbados and the island of Carriacou. The mainland of Grenada can be seen to the south.  Clifton and Ashton are the two principal towns. The island is home to approximately 3,000 residents. The yacht services business and tourist day-chartering business provide a lot of jobs. Union Island has an airport which has domestic flights to St.Vincent and some of the Grenadines including Carriacou, Grenada and Martinique. There are daytime flights only as there are no runway lights.  A short boat ride from Carriacou, Union Island is a good place to come to stock up on locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables and general provisions.

Palm Island (130 acres) is just a mile from Union Island. Originally known as Prune Island, Palm got its current name when former owners, the late John Caldwell (a.k.a Johnny Coconuts) and his wife Mary planted hundreds of coconut palms, transforming the deserted island into a palm covered resort. There is no TV, no newspaper, no cars, no buses, and no cruise ships.  The Island Resort has 34 rooms spread out along the beach for rent, plus a few apartments. Besides several white sand beaches, there are 18 private villas on the island. Snorkeling is the favorite sport next to doing nothing but wandering around. Grocery stores are available on neighboring Union Island.

Petite St. Vincent & Morpion
Petite St.Vincent is Petite Martinique’s closest neighbor. PSV as it is often called is one of the world’s most enchanting hideaways. A mere 113 acres, it is home to a 5 Star Luxury Privately-Owned Resort. It offers privacy and 22 secluded private cottages.  Some are on hillsides, some set into the sides of cliffs, some right on the beach - all absolutely heavenly. For most people the appeal of PSV is what it "does not have"- no telephones or television, no air-conditioning, and no casinos. Not even room keys. Simply send up the red flag on the bamboo pole outside one’s cottage for complete privacy or hoist a yellow flag and the staff are at your service. There is plenty to keep the active people busy, and hammocks have been strategically placed all along the beaches for those who just want to unwind and relax. In the interest of guests' sought after privacy, access by non-guests is limited to the main building which houses the bar, restaurant and boutique. Dinner is by reservation only.

Morpion Is likely the smallest island in the world, located in the Grenadines’s islands archipelago just off Petite St.Vincent and Palm Island. This tiny blue lagoon & magical beach of white sand has only 1 Thatched hut on it yet is one of the most visited of the Grenadine islands.


DINING: What are the restaurants like on Carriacou? Is there fine dining available? Are there supermarkets? Can one buy fresh fish, lobster, vegetables etc

Several interesting types of cuisine are offered when you want a meal out in Carriacou. Fresh tropical produce, seafood, poultry and meats are featured. Local fare is accented with Caribbean spices while international culinary delights present a refreshing familiarity. You will find a range of dining experiences from the casual beach bar setting with inexpensive snacks to a multi course gourmet meal in an artfully decorated airy restaurant called the Bogles Round House which is a piece of art in its-self! It features Carriacou's award winning Chef Roxanne Russell, twice Grenada's chef of the year in 2006/7 & 2007/8. The menu offers a variety of contemporary Caribbean dishes and classic European specialties. The Lazy Turtle Pizzeria and Internet Café located on a beautiful spot above Tyrell bay offers delicious Italian culinary delights in an outdoor setting overlooking the marina.

Carriacou Restaurant Guide

There is no shortage of grocery stores throughout Carriacou. They carry most everyday items. Fresh fish can best be procured by speaking to local fishermen or at the fish market in town. They will be happy to call you about the day’s catch. Fresh produce is readily available from local street vendors in town. Be sure to bargain shop! Great produce is also available on Union Island and worth the short boat ride. 

TRAVEL: How do I get to Carriacou?

SVG AirThere are regular weekly flights from North America and Europe to Grenada's Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA). Once in Grenada, visitors can get to Carriacou by air or sea however will have to overnight in Grenada. By air St. Vincent Grenadines Air (SVG Air) operates daily flights between Maurice Bishop International Airport and Carriacou's Lauriston Airport. By sea the Osprey Ferry operates a daily round-trip shuttle service between Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The 90-minute journey on a power-catamaran travels along Grenada's scenic west coast from St. George's passing the small islets between Grenada and Carriacou and arriving in Hillsborough, before going onto Petite Martinique. 

Carriacou is also easily accessible via Barbados. There are daily direct international flights to Barbados from North America and Europe which make getting to the island a pleasant experience. From Barbados travelers can easily travel to Carriacou via private charter or SVG Air to Union Island and then a short ride via boat to Carriacou. With Travel via Barbados, visitors will arrive in Carriacou on the same day. Private Pilots can fly directly to Lauriston Airport. Airport coordinates are as follows:




Lauriston Airport






Airport with Terminal – No fuel or maintenance.


12°28'37"N (12.476944)


61°28'20"W (-61.472222)

Elevation :

5 ft (2 m)




2625 x 59 ft (paved with large apron)

Tower Frequency:




TELEPHONE: Will my telephone work in Carriacou? What about internet access?

Your cell phone will work in Grenada/Carriacou provided you have international calling service and a quad band GSM phone. The local phone system and cell phone service on the island are excellent.

To call Grenada including Carriacou and Petite Martinique, the following Country code is required: 1 473 plus the number to dial in (00 1 473 from UK) 1 473 plus the number to dial out (011 44 for UK)

High speed wireless internet access is available at Frangipani-Villa. The island also has several internet cafes.

MEDICAL: In the event of a medical emergency, is there a physician or a medical facility on the island?

There are several physicians on the island. Carriacou Health Services (CHS) is a State of the Art Health Center for the use and benefit of the people of Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique, the Grenadines, and visitors alike.

The Princess Royal Hospital situated high above Hillsborough also offers general medical care and the best view of the island and surrounding areas.

Several small medical clinics are scattered throughout the island as well.


CAR: Do I need an automobile? Does driving require a local driver's licence?

Donkey Races during CarnivalAlthough visiting Carriacou does not require having an automobile, as buses and taxis are plentiful, for your convenience it is suggested.

Driving in Carriacou does require a temporary visitor driver's licence which is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. It can be used in both Carriacou and Grenada and is easily obtainable at the Police Station located on Main Street in Hillsborough or from the car rental company.


EVENTS: Carriacou’s Festivals

Rich in culture, people from neighboring islands flock to Carriacou for Carnival, Maroon, Parang, Big Drum, String Band Festival & Regatta. Check with the Grenada Tourist Board for dates.


FAUNA: Flowering plants and fruit trees

bouganvilla flowerThe national flower of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is the bougainvillea. Visitors will see many other varieties of colorful flowers and plants including ginger, heliconia, hibiscus, ixora, allamanda, bird of paradise and several varieties of orchid. Flowering trees such as flamboyant are colorful when in bloom can also been seen along the coastline. 

In addition to the aromatic spices that Grenada is known for, farmers grow a wide assortment of produce (calaloo, corn, peas, carrots, cabbage, plantain, okra & yams) and fruit (mango, lime, grapefruit, papaya also called pawpaw, guava, passion, pineapple, sapodilla, sorrel, banana & watermelon). At any time of the year, the island is fragrant with an abundance of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables.


DAY TRIPS: Beaches
Airport Road Beach south of Hillsborough on the way to the airport
Anse La Roche Beach just north of Bogles
Paradise Beach where a barrier reef assures calm waters and powder white sand. Located in

L’Esterre overlooking Sandy and Mabouya islands
Paradise Beach
Petite Carenage Beach
just north of Windward – follow the trail through the mangroves to a deserted beach where turtles lay their eggs

Fiji Beach
 On the Point Cistern Peninsula, this is one of the most spectacular and rarely used beaches in Carriacou.
Silver Beach in Hillsborough next to La Playa Beach Bar

Tom’s Bay
(follow the path from Frangipani’s side entrance) and Sparrow Bay (turn right upon exiting Frangipani’s double gate) both are just minutes on foot from Frangipani-Villa 

Tyrell Bay
located at the southern part of the island, this quiet white sand beach is great for snorkeling, paddle boarding, sailing or to enjoy the array of boats.


DAY TRIPS: Fishing Trips

Plan a ½ or full day fishing excursion with any one of the boat captains on the island. Carriacou is blessed with an abundance of fish. Try being a fisherman or woman for the day or just tag along for the fun of it.

Boat captains include: Dave Goldhill 443-7984, Cuthbert Snagg 403-2121, Sherwin (Lambi Queen) 406-4122, Curtis (Off the Hook) 533-5242


DAY TRIPS: Hiking options around Carriacou?

There is no better way to explore the island than on foot and a good way to experience the local flora and fauna and speak to the friendly people besides the unforgettable vistas from any corner of this quaint, picturesque island.

Hike to the Princess Royal Hospital:
Exit Craigston development and keep to the right. Pass the Green Roof Inn and at the roundabout continue up the hill passed the Grand View Hotel. At the top is a playing field. Continue to the right pass a blue container and continue up the hill and follow the signs to the hospital. The hospital boasts the best views in Carriacou.

Another option to the Princess Royal Hospital is to exit Craigston to the right and at Down Island office take the Coulis hill behind Down Island to the top and continue from there the same passed the playing field.

Time: 1 ½ hours at a brisk pace. This is an advanced hike due to the steep hills.

Hike to the airport:
Exit Craigston development and pass the Green Roof Inn. At the roundabout keep to the right and walk passed town and the Catholic Church on the right. Continue down the road while enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean and Sandy Island. At the end is the airport. Upon return, just passed the Catholic Church make a right down that road where you will see a cemetery. Go up cemetery hill and proceed back to Craigston. Any of the back roads will lead you back. 

Time: 1 ½ hours at a brisk pace

Hike to Windward/Anse La Roche:
Exit Craigston development and go left. Continue to the junction where there is a wooden structure which may say Bogles. Make a right up the hill. At the top keep to the left and down the hill. At the bottom of the hill you are in Windward. Proceed left (north) all the way around through Anse La Roche where you will end up again in Bogles at the wooden structure.

Time: 2 hours at a brisk pace. Pack a drink, sunscreen, sunglasses and swim suit if you intend to stop at Anse La Roche for a swim. It is best to leave early as in between 5:30 or 6:00 am. As you are heading East the sun is hot.


DAY TRIPS: Island Tour

Get to know the island with an around the island tour by minibus or taxi. This is a relaxing way to enjoy the scenic views and learn about the history. CeePee 403-1057


DAY TRIPS: Kayaking
Scuba DivingEnjoy a day on the water exploring the area by kayak. This is a fun filled adventure for all ages. Pack a picnic and kayak out to Sandy Island, Anse La Roche or explore the surrounding area. Both single and tandem (2 person) kayaks are available from Arawak Divers in Harvey Vale or Off the Hook on Paradise beach. Call for more information.

DAY TRIPS: Scuba Diving

Carriacou offers several scuba dive centers that can coordinate day trips or provide courses to PADI certify interested divers. Deefer Diving is a 5 Star dive center in Hillsborough and is the closest to Frangipani-Villa. Experience unspoiled reefs and marine wildlife and learn to dive or continue your dive education.


DAY TRIPS: Uninhabited Out Islands

A visit to Carriacou is not complete without exploring the out islands for picnics, romantic sunsets, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. There are 7 (Jack Adan, Mabouya, Sandy, Saline, Large, Frigate and Mopion) none further than a 15 minutes boat trip from the mainland.


WILDLIFE: Livestock & Wildlife

On Carriacou one will see an abundance of livestock including cows, sheep, goats, and donkeys besides geckos, millipedes, turtles, manicou (opossum), iguana and other wildlife. Bird enthusiasts will enjoy watching bananaquits, doves, hummingbirds, pelicans, frigates, mockingbirds and more.

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